Valdemarpils Holocaust

Valdemarpils 1941

On June 14, 1941, prior to the German entry into Valdemarpils, the Soviet Union deported massive numbers of Latvian citizens to Siberia. In such a small town, this only affected a handful of property owners.

In July, 1941, the Germans entered the area. The Talsi commander ordered Jews to wear circles on both their front and back. From the Museum, “Jews in Latvia,” the unfit for work, elderly people, the disabled, and the young children were exterminated on the night of the 26th of July 1941. The remaining 56 people were transported to the turf-cutting field 5 km away from the town and killed there on the 7th of August 1941. A list of those killed is below.

Mednu Farmstead memorial, placed by the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia in 2007.

Jews of Valdemarpils, 1941

The following list was obtained from Eric Prokopovics. According to him, it was prepared by the Valdemarpils City Council in 1941. Those who were able to work were marked with a red X, and made to dig turf from July 10 until they were killed August 7, 1941. The others were killed in July. The list is only 120 out of a probable 150. The original list can been seen here and at the Jewish Museum in Riga.

No.SurnameNameAble to work?BirthdateAddressNotes
1VeinbergsZara1885Cunces iela 23
2KonradsLazer4 Dec 1874Cunces iela 23
3BencilisSimon2 Jun 1903Cunces iela 15
4BencilisLazersx8 May 1896Cunces iela 15
5BencilisMinnax2 Feb 1899Cunces iela 15
6BencilisEtte29 Jun 1936Cunces iela 15
7BencilisHene27 May 1938Cunces iela 15
8BencilisDune12 Feb 1931Cunces iela 15
9BencilisRoche-Molle8 Apr 1935Cunces iela 15
10LevensonsBeile6 Nov 1889n/a
11BencilisRosa1907Cunces iela 15
12LevensonsGitte18 Jun 1926Cunces iela 2
13LevensonsElle-Rivka23 Oct 1931Cunces iela 2
14VerbelovsBersx1894Liela iela 15
15VerbelovsZenya1906Liela iela 15
16VerbelovsMeijers1937Liela iela 15
17BlumenauJenalisx5 Feb 1898Anbrakas iela 3
18BlumenauMalkex25 Mar 1894Anbrakas iela 3
19GrillksFreide8 Apr 1885Ezera iela 1
20HirssonsEstere1905Anbrakas iela 6
21HirssonsLinaage 10Anbrakas iela 6
22HirssonsMinnaage 11Anbrakas iela 6
23HirssonsFridaage 1 yr, 7 monthsAnbrakas iela 6
24HirssonsNachmansage 9Anbrakas iela 6
25HirssonsZorachsage 4Anbrakas iela 6
25BlumbergsHaimsx18 Apr 1905Liela iela 1
26BlumbergsZara1908Liela iela 1
27BlumbergsBelanna1938 Liela iela 1
28LeviussHaims31 Jun 1872Talsu iela 6
29LeviussSlovex1905Talsu iela 6
30LeviussLeiax16 Dec 1908Talsu iela 6
31ShradersJenalesx20 Oct 1871Anbrakas iela 2
32ShradersAsnex29 Oct 1894Anbrakas iela 2
33ShradersVigder x29 Jun 1921Anbrakas iela 2
34GlikmanisBeinesx1 Dec 1906Anbrakas iela 2
35KopenhagersShnur1884Liela 11
36KopenhagersGitte1887Liela 11
37KopenhagersLevix1920Liela 11
38SchneemanisAbex1911Anbrakas iela 23
39RosenbergsIsraelsx1885Liela iela 20
40RosenbergsSheinex1885Liela iela 20
41ShradersZorachsx1890Talsu iela 6
42ShradersGutlex8 Jan 1887Talsu iela 6
43ShradersCivjex27 Nov 1924Talsu iela 6
44HircfeldsJoseps1906Liela iela 11
45HircfeldsAmalija1915Liela iela 11
46HircfeldsBoris1941Liela iela 11
47LevenbergsJette1882Liela iela 11
48VeinbergsBencionsx8 Aug 1902Talsu iela 6
49VeinbergsHanex22 Nov 1902Talsu iela 6
50LeviussVolfsx22 Nov 1914Liela iela 20
51LeviussGite17 Dec 1884Liela iela 20
52CindelisElica1857Liela iela 20
53CindelisRebeka19 Nov 1883Liela iela 24
54VerbelovsAronsx4 Nov 1898Liela iela 18
55VerbelovsFeige9 Jun 1892Liela iela 18
56VerbelovsEstere23 Dec 1932Liela iela 18
57VerbelovsHaimsx25 Sept 1892Liela iela 13
58VerbelovsLeia19 Oct 1867Liela iela 13
59VeinbergsMinnax1910Liela iela 4crossed out
60MichelsonsBodonax1902Jauna iela 1
61TalsHeimansx1875Liela iela 4
62EinsteinsHirssLiela iela 4
63BencilisSorex1895Liela iela 4
64CinbelisIsersx3 Jan 1918Liela iela 4
65CinbelisIsraelsx1 Sep 1911Liela iela 4
66CinbelisDevorax6 Apr 1908Liela iela 4
67CinbelisSore1882Liela iela 4
68CinbelisAbe-Wulfs30 Jul 1880Liela iela 4
69LeviussZara27 Nov 1867Liela iela 14
70VeinbergsDvina22 Apr 1905Liela iela 14
71VeinbergsMirjana30 Aug 1939Liela iela 14
72BuchbindersVigdersx7 Jul 1923Anbrakas iela 14
73BuchbindersSorex25 Aug 1924Anbrakas iela 14
74BuchbindersKozrielsx7 Jul 1923Anbrakas iela 14
75EdelsteinsJoelsx1891Liela iela 9
76EdelsteinsGitte28 Feb 1897Liela iela 9
77EdelsteinsMendelsx1926Liela iela 9
78EdelsteinsShmulis1930Liela iela 9
79EdelsteinsHenija1933Liela iela 9
80HimmelhochFridax5 Aug 1901Liela iela 9
81KravisMinna4 Jan 1898Liela iela 9crossed out
82BlumsEstere2 Jul 1867Cunces
83GirsovicsFeigsx25 Mar 1897Ezera iela 1
84GirsovicsBasjax24 Aug 1906Ezera iela 1crossed out
85GirsovicsLeax27 Oct 1921Ezera iela 1
86GirsovicsJakobsx19 Mar 1925Ezera iela 1
87GirsovicsMirjamax23 Mar 1927Ezera iela 1
88GirsovicsDavidsx27 May 1928Ezera iela 1
89GirsovicsIsraels27 Oct 1933Ezera iela 1
90NochmoskisLibex5 Jun 1923Ezera iela 1crossed out
91NochmoskisTaubex25 Nov 1940Ezera iela 1crossed out
92LevinsLea1863Ezera iela 1
93LevinsGittex1906Ezera iela 1crossed out
94JakobsonsJoche1885Ezera iela 1
95KansAronsx1896Liela iela 4
96KansBasjax27 Sep 1924Liela iela 4
97KansMinnax1890Liela iela 4
98KansRafaelsx1926Liela iela 4
99KansEsterex1928Liela iela 4
100EdelsteinsErnste1855Liela iela 4
101TalsZarax1898Liela iela 9
102TalsMishax13 Jan 1927Liela iela 9
103VeinbergsBersx10 Nov 1884Jauna iela 1
104JakobsonsJankelsx28 Feb 1883Liela iela 5
105JakobsonsKalmansx25 Jul 1913Liela iela 5
106JakobsonsSheinex23 Dec 1882Liela iela 5
107ShumacherEfroimx20 Dec 1917?Talsu iela 6
108CviksZara1858Liela 20
109LevensonsAbramsx1886Anbrakas iela 17
110LevensonsAnna1895Anbrakas iela 17
111LevensonsElke 20 Jan 1934Anbrakas iela 17
112LevensonsHaims8 Nov 1935Anbrakas iela 17
Site of mass murder outside of Valdemarpils. Photo by Betsy Thal Gephart, 2003.
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