Valdemarpils Families

Sassmacken Families

Do you have Jewish ancestors from Valdemarpils/Sassmacken? Please contact me if you have information, queries, or photographs to share.



  • My Family in Sassmacken
    The following post was generously contributed by Randy Wasserstrom. The Michaelson/Michelsohn family photo above, taken in 1893, includes the following from left to right: Sam, Louis, Yetta, Harry, John, Aaron and Rose. My great grandmother, Yetta Hoffman, (1861-1916), was bornContinue reading “My Family in Sassmacken”
  • Leaving Courland
    Among my collection of interviews is this story, told by Paula Thal Aminoff in 1974, of her brother Jacob, from Talsen, and his efforts to leave Courland (now Latvia) before being drafted into the Russian Army. Ted: You know aboutContinue reading “Leaving Courland”
  • The Thals of Sassmacken
    From a 1981 interview between Rabbi Lennard Thal and my great-grandfather’s sister, Paula Thal Aminoff, I have this quote: “Sassmacken. There was full of Jews. And there were a bunch of Thals there – not related, another family, very fineContinue reading “The Thals of Sassmacken”



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