Talsi Holocaust

Talsi 1941

On June 14, 1941, prior to the German entry into Talsi, the Soviet Union deported massive numbers of Latvian citizens to Siberia. According to Dov Levin, this included 50 or 60 Jewish property owners and political activists in Talsi.

On July 1, 1941, the Germans entered Talsi. The Talsi commander ordered Jews to wear circles on both their front and back. Around the end of September, the remaining Jews were executed by a firing squad of Latvian “Arajs Commandos” and local police.

Runki memorial, placed by the Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia in 2008.

1941 Inhabitants List – Liela Street 29

Below is a copy of an Inhabitants List from September 1941, during the Nazi Occupation, obtained from the Latvian State Historical Archives in Riga. It indicates that the Jews were “taken out to agricultural labor,” i.e. killed.

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