Sabile Families

Sabile Families

Do you have Jewish ancestors from Zabeln/Sabile? Please contact me if you have information, queries, or photographs to share.


  • Blumenthal
    • Video by Thomas C. Spear, made for the 80th anniversary of the August 6, 1941 massacre of the Jews of Sabile. A few corrections can be found in the YouTube notes.
    • Find-a-Grave page for Chaim Shmuel Blumenthal, also by Thomas C. Spear
  • Hosiasson – Descendants of Samuel and Jette Hosiasson


  • The Hosiassons of Sabile
    The photograph above was sent to my great-grandmother, Clara Thal, from her Hosiasson cousins in Riga in 1910. It has always been one of my favorite pictures, and for years was the only evidence I had of Clara’s mother’s family.Continue reading “The Hosiassons of Sabile”
  • Leaving Courland
    Among my collection of interviews is this story, told by Paula Thal Aminoff in 1974, of her brother Jacob, from Talsen, and his efforts to leave Courland (now Latvia) before being drafted into the Russian Army. Ted: You know aboutContinue reading “Leaving Courland”


Blumenthal/Lowenthal Families, ca. 1912. Photo from Mark Blumenthal. Lowenthals are not clear. Max Blumenthal, standing, second from right; Morris Blumenthal, seated left; Molly Blumenthal, seated middle right; possibly Anna Blumenthal, front right.

Leo, Harry, and Paul Blumenthal, ca. 1912. Photo from Mark Blumenthal.
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