Sabile Families

Sabile Families

Do you have Jewish ancestors from Zabeln/Sabile? Please contact me if you have information, queries, or photographs to share.


  • Blumenthal
    • Video by Thomas C. Spear, made for the 80th anniversary of the August 6, 1941 massacre of the Jews of Sabile. A few corrections can be found in the YouTube notes.
    • Find-a-Grave page for Chaim Shmuel Blumenthal, also by Thomas C. Spear
  • Hosiasson – Descendants of Samuel and Jette Hosiasson



Blumenthal/Lowenthal Families, ca. 1912. Photo from Mark Blumenthal. Lowenthals are not clear. Max Blumenthal, standing, second from right; Morris Blumenthal, seated left; Molly Blumenthal, seated middle right; possibly Anna Blumenthal, front right.

Leo, Harry, and Paul Blumenthal, ca. 1912. Photo from Mark Blumenthal.
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