Sabile, Zabeln

A small romantic town, located in the ancient valley of the Abava river. The old synagogue has been restored and is a predominant part of the skyline, but none of the historic Jewish community remains.

Located 58 miles W of Riga, the town of Sabile is located in the Talsi municipality. It is part of the historical and cultural region of Courland, or Kurzeme. Before 1900, in German documents and in many Jewish records, it is called Zabeln. Other names include Shaviln, Zabel’n, and Zoebeln. Our website focuses on the Jewish history of the town, its records and its families. Contributions of photographs, travel accounts, documents, or family histories are welcome. Please contact me for more information.

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Sabile Jewish Community

The data for the map below is taken from 1935 Census records. Click on the map or the markers for further information. Disclaimer: The locations are set by Google, and may or may not exactly match the location from that time.


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