KVA 1892 Valdemarpils

Kurlandische Verkehr und Adresbuch, 1892/1893

The following is a rough translation of a document provided by Aleksandrs Feigmanis. The introduction is translated by K. Gnagey, the directory by Betsy Thal Gephart. The original page is shown below the translation. I have used question marks for unknown and unclear words. If you can help clarify the translation, please contact me.


Town (Russian. Sassmaken, Latvian. Sasmaka)

Sassmacken currently has 15 stone and 90 wooden houses and has Census of December 29, 1881, 1774 inhabitants: 154 Germans, 423 Latvians, and 1197 Jews. Since then, the Jewish population has decreased through emigration. The building sites belong to the respective owner of the property Sassmacken and are given up (or handed over) on the basis of hereditary ground rent (or interest). [??] The primary staples consist of skins and grains, which are supplied principally from Riga and Windau.. Near to the town is an about 7 werst1 long lake, the run-off from which flows into the Rohje River, which about 21 werst1 from Sassmacken runs into the Gulf of Riga at the fishing village of Rohjen, where the grain gets shipped to Riga.

I. State and Community Institutions

  • District Police Administration. Junior Assistant Talsen District Chief for the First Precinct: “Tit.-Rath” and Knight Ernst Capteina.
  • Post and Telegraph Department. Chief: P. Grischtschulk. Officer: Baltmischkis.
  • Medical Organization. Physician: Dr. L. Israelson. Midwife: Lotte Thalberg. Druggist’s Assistant/Dispenser Conrad Stolzer.
  • School Organization. Greek orthodox church school. Instructors: Plitsch, Julian Losky. Evangelical Lutheran church school. Instructor: Fritz Bischkewitz (district instructor). Hebrew private school. Principal: Rabbi Dubitzky. Instructor: Laser. Two elementary schools. Principals: Frl. Kopstein, Frl. Stradowsky.
  • Church Organization: Greek orthodox stone church building completed in 1891. Priest: Karp Grunduls. Evangelical Lutheran stone church, built in the mid-17th century by Christoph v. Hohenaftenberg-Weigandt, at that time “Erbherrn” [Baron/Lord?] of Sassmacken. Earlier, the church had its own pastor and pastorate, but from the death of Pastor Rüdiger in 1785, it has been withdrawn. Still it is a so-called free church and has chosen Pastor A. Gruehn as leader. Two stone synagogues. Rabbi: Natal Dubitzky.
  • Volunteer Fire Department. Head of the Town Administration [? – Verw.-Raths]: Leo Baron Heyking. Captain: Bernh. Funck. Cashier: Members of the Town Administration [?]: Loewins, Funck, Schmidt, Karlsohn, Stolzer. First Commander: Hübner, 2nd Commander: Grischtschuk, 3rd Commander: J. Malafei. Lower Commander of the mounted sprinklers [Spritzenmannschaft]: W. Müller. Pipe leader [Rohrführer]: J. Löwinsohn.
  • Life Insurance Society “Russia”. Agent: C. Stolzer.

II. Commerce, Trade and Industry

  1. Merchants 2nd Guild – Z. Kramer, J. Thal, J. M. Thal, J. M. Weinberg.
  2. Industry List
    • Pharmacy: C. Stolzer
    • Bakery: K. Melke
    • Brewery: Baron Heyking
    • Book and Stationer’s Shop: N. Dubitzky
    • Groceries: Z. Kramer, J. H. Thal, J. M. Thal, J. Weinberg
    • Tannery: R. Thal, Willmut, Goerte, Dses[?]
    • 1 Goldsmith
    • Small retail shops: A. Aronstamm, B. Aronstamm, J. Aronstamm, C. Beckmann, J. Beckmann, A. Blumberg, J. Chonessohn, S. Dattel, S. Dawidowitz, B. Gersohn, M. Himmelhoch, S. Himmelhoch, S. Hirschberg, C. Hirschfeld, A. Hoffmann, B. Israelstamm, B. Kahn, E. Kundsin, A. Lehrenblatt, B. Loewius, (2 Handl.), S. Lemmchen, K. Melke, C. Schmerling, G. Schmerling, D. Thal, J. THal, M. Thal, R. Thal, H. Weinberg, V. Werbelow.
    • 4 Tinsmiths.
    • Inns: G. Ansberg, J. Dunkel, O. Meyer, L. Thal, H. Gail, J. Thal.
    • 4 Painters.
    • Manufactured Goods Shops: Z. Kramer, J. H. Thal, J. M. Thal, J. Weinberg.
    • 2 Hatmakers.
    • 3 Saddleries.
    • 4 Smiths.
    • 5 Tailors.
    • 8 Shoemakers.
    • 2 Wheelwrights.
    • Tobacconists: Z. Kramer, J. H. Thal, J. M. Thal, J. Weinberg.
    • 3 Cabinet makers
    • 5 Potters
    • Windmill: J. Unterberg.
  3. Industrial [“Unterachmungen”]
    • Brewery: Baron Heyking. “Arrendator”: B. Funct [?]. Windmill Farm. “Arrendator”: J. Unterberg.
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