Seeberg/Snyder Latvia Trip May 2023

by Phillip Seeberg My great great great grandfather Sussman Seeberg was born (probably) in Tukkum and died in Sassmacken. His children and grandchildren moved to America in the late 19th century. I had been visiting my 2nd cousin Don Snyder last year when the idea of visiting Sassmacken came up. So this past May IContinue reading “Seeberg/Snyder Latvia Trip May 2023”

Leaving Courland

Among my collection of interviews is this story, told by Paula Thal Aminoff in 1974, of her brother Jacob, from Talsen, and his efforts to leave Courland (now Latvia) before being drafted into the Russian Army. Ted: You know about Abraham Blumberg.. well, I’ll tell you. His father, Abraham’s father [Jacob Blumberg] was fairly well‑to‑do,Continue reading “Leaving Courland”

The Jordans of Talsen and Scotland

As a child in the 1930-40’s, I would often stay with my maternal grandparents, pictured above. My grandmother, Fanny, was a very tall, thin woman who looked more Scottish than Jewish. Unlike other relatives she did not speak Yiddish but German, and English without a trace of a foreign accent.  Being aware that most of myContinue reading “The Jordans of Talsen and Scotland”